Important Dates and Notices

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the IMC-5G 2020 conference has been postponed to 2021. More detail will be given later.   

Conference Date: TBD

General Information

The current and future generations of wireless networks, 5G and beyond, will have profound technological and economic impacts on our society. These wireless technologies are expected to radically reshape many existing applications and create numerous new opportunities. There are yet countless challenges lying ahead, many of which are happening at the “Physical Layer”, due to several fundamental limitations imposed by the nature of electromagnetics or device physics and practical constraints from economics, engineering, technologies, and application considerations. Consequently, significant research is required to bring 5G communications to reality. The IEEE IMC-5G 2020 conference provides a focused forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds to share the most recent advances in hardware and system technologies for 5G and beyond.

IMC-5G 2020 will take place in the Suzhou, China. It features a two-day archival series of oral and poster presentations with invited talks and tutorials. An industrial exhibit featuring a selection of state-of-the-art wireless and microwave products, measurement instruments and CAD software tools will also be held. The participation of young researchers and postgraduate students is strongly encouraged.

About Suzhou

As one of the first group of "Cultural and Historic Cities" of China as well as a key scenic tourist city, Suzhou has a history of over 2500 years since He Lv, the King of Wu State, established the city in 514 BC. . It is still on its original location during the Spring and Autumn Period, and preserves the double chessboard layout of "water and land in parallel, canal and street in neighbor", the network of rivers and canals composing three vertical, three horizontal and one ring, and the unique landscape of "small bridges, flowing water, white walls, black tiles, cultural relics and classical gardens".

9 classical gardens of Suzhou and the Suzhou Section of the Grand Canal are listed in the Catalogue of World Cultural Heritage. 6 projects including Chinese Kunqu Opera and Chinese Guqin Art are listed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the UN.



Call for Papers

The purpose of IMC-5G 2020 is to boost technical and educational activities on 5G related technologies as well as exchanges and collaborations within the international research community. Perspective authors are cordially invited to submit papers in all areas related to 5G hardware and system technologies, including but not limited to:  

  • 5G RF/millimeter-wave transceiver architectures
  • Highly integrated front-end modules and mixed-signal ICs
  • Large-scale phased-array, beamformers, MIMO antennas
  • High efficiency and broadband power amplifiers
  • Signal generation, modulation and frequency conversion
  • Reconfigurable circuit elements, filters, multiplexers
  • IoT sensors, RFID circuits/chips for 5G applications
  • RF/Microwave device, circuit and subsystem modelling
  • OTA measurement, device/circuit characterization
  • Energy harvesting, wireless power transfer circuits
  • Nonlinear circuit/system analysis and simulation tools

Submitted papers should be three pages in length. Accepted contributions will be published in the workshop proceedings and will be archived in IEEE Xplore.

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