IMC-5G 2019 Program Book can be downloaded from here.

The current and future generations of wireless networks, 5G and beyond, will have profound technological and economic impacts on our society. These wireless technologies are expected to radically reshape many existing applications and create numerous new opportunities. There are yet countless challenges lying ahead, many of which are happening at the “Physical Layer”, due to several fundamental limitations imposed by the nature of electromagnetics or device physics and practical constraints from economics, engineering, technologies, and application considerations. Consequently, significant research is required to bring 5G communications to reality.

The IEEE IMC-5G 2019 conference provides a focused forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds to share the most recent advances in hardware and system technologies for 5G and beyond. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), IEEE 5G Initiative, and IEEE Future Networks. It will be held in Atlanta, USA. The conference will feature an exciting technical program, an industry exhibit, and invited talks by worldwide recognized experts in 5G.

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